Madeline Leonard spent her younger days traversing the world. Today, she is owner/director of Cloutier Remix, Co-Founder of The Pro Safety Group and brand consultant in the Lifestyle/Beauty/Wellness space.

She facilitates the connections between artists/experts/influencers with initiatives, brands, services, launches and media.

Madeline was born in Caracas, Venezuela to an American father and a Venezuelan mother.  Her early years saw the family living in South America, Libya, the US, Holland and Australia, before finally settling in London where she went to high school. With the emergence of punk music and talents like designer Vivienne Westwood in the late 70s, Madeline’s high school years in London witnessed a massive cultural shift that would be felt worldwide.


After graduating from college with a B.A. in Art Administration, Madeline studied textile design at Studio Art Centers International in Italy and studied French at the Université D'Angers in France. For a short while she worked for an art dealer in New York City.


In 1986 Madeline moved to Los Angeles. She was once again in the center of things, for 1980s Los Angeles was pulsing with newfound creativity and excitement.  L.A. was also enjoying a huge influx of International image makers- photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists and wardrobe stylists. 

And she was one of the first to serve them.

"I’m proud of a work ethic where honesty, loyalty and respect have meant that

I have never had a financial, legal or

outcome dispute with any client"

California’s feature film and TV businesses occupied two distinct fiefdoms that rarely crossed paths. By forging relationships between the international beauty and fashion worlds with those of Hollywood, music and celebrities, Madeline fostered alliances that had never before existed. She was also a pioneer in matching artists/experts with global brands for consulting, product development, marketing and media attention.


In 2009 Madeline acquired the agency she helped grow, and re-launched it as CLOUTIER REMIX. In 2017 she backed the creation of new agency Greyscale Management. Both companies represent talent and work closely with brands, studios, media, production companies and celebrities.


When the Covid pandemic brought all business to a close, Madeline quickly pivoted and co-founded The ProSafety Group. With partners, she produced a Virtual Summit to help the Beauty Industry cope with the present and plan for the future. Over 3000 beauty pros attended.


“Like everyone else,” Madeline notes, “I originally spent a lot of time face-to-face with artists and clients.  Today, our focus is much wider and more strategic . . . how best to reach clients in a crowded market, how best to showcase services and products”.


“I’m particularly proud of the longevity and breadth of relationships that have been established globally over the last 30 years.  I’m proud of our stability and consistency in industries that notoriously lack it.  And I’m proud of a work ethic where honesty, loyalty and respect have meant that I have never had a financial, legal or outcome dispute with any client”.


“For me,” concludes Madeline Leonard, “collaboration is the only path for great things. And that means establishing reciprocal understanding and empathy. I’ve never lost the excitement that comes from being part of a creative venture”.