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Meet the Team


Our passionate and experienced support team works closely with Madeline, helping brands foster meaningful relationships while imagining and achieving their next-level visions for growth 

Autumn Marsilio 
Brand Consultant

Born addicted to glamour and everything that sparkles, Autumn knew from a very young age that the beauty industry was a place she would be right at home. She was no stranger to sneaking into her mother's makeup collection, wrapping herself in her grandmother's feather trimmed robes, and practicing runway walks across her bedroom carpet. She always, always knew that some day she would contribute to the types of products that made her feel so alive. 


A California native, Autumn has always been drawn to the dynamic bustle of Los Angeles - the land of eye-catching billboards, unique concept businesses, and beautiful people. She was mesmerized by this advertising metropolis, a microcosm of the brands and products we integrate seamlessly into our lifestyles and identities. Growing up as a magazine-obsessed teenager, she resonated with iconic advertising the likes of Guess Jeans, Covergirl and Candie's Shoes. She always identified that brands were so much more than their products, that they were within themselves unique worlds- dreamscapes in which us as viewers could seek, identify, and aspire. 


With a background in studio art and many years experience in both the health/wellness and cosmetics industries, Autumn has now landed exactly where she's always wanted to be - helping brands elevate their identities, create iconic products, and win the hearts of the adoring customers they love to serve. She has a passion and deep belief that every beauty and wellness brand has a specific audience, and that the audience's needs and desires should be fulfilled by a brand that really listens and emphatically cares. She provides valuable insight to help brands achieve this ambition. Autumn consults brands not just to help them grow in dollar value, but communal value as well. She encourages brands to keep their ears and hearts focused on their communities, creating high efficacy products with empathetic marketing. And she believes that with the right guidance, most every brand can create a truly caring, truly dynamic entity that inspires a loyal community of customers for years to come.

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